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Cambodia Why is ion-fisted dictatorship continuing? July 2018

Photo:National Parliament building of Cambodia, which is composed of 125 seats of the Lower House and 62 seats of the Upper House, in Phnom Penh.

In the Lower House election conducted on July 29 this year in Cambodia, the ruling Cambodian People’s Party led by Prime Minister Hun Sen who has been in power since 1985 won an overwhelming victory, securing more than 90% of the seats. The election under the proportional representation system to choose a political party took place while the ruling party has suppressed critical powers and forced the biggest opposition party to disband. Although the Western countries question the fairness, many of the Cambodian people cannot express their dissatisfaction.

I dared to visit the country to cover a local situation with a video camera during this election period. Inserting clear and precise analysis by Ms. Ayako Toyama of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies of Kyoto University throughout the report, the video report is very clarifying and easy to understand.

The original format is AVCHD but I converted into a light version in order to upload to YouTube. For the music I used for BGM, I paid a right of use fee. For your information, I began to contribute articles to the “Individual · International” category of the “Yahoo! News” starting from this one. I accompanied a long article there and I hope you will read it, too.

(Story & Photo by Shinichi ASABE)

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