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The People of Southeast Asia

Cambodia Photo EssayMarch 2012

Sunset at Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

My ordinary style of gathering materials for a documentary is holding a still camera and a video camera while making notes of what I heard or felt as well as various information including people’s names, names of places and numbers. But for this coverage, I decided to use only a still camera as I had been offered to participate in a project to produce calendars.

If we want to take good photos, we have to concentrate on being a photographer. As the best photo opportunity comes along only one time, using both a still camera and a video camera makes either one of them take a backseat. In addition, when I shoot images while taking notes in a notebook, I cannot help but selecting the objects which can be significant or valuable when expressed in words, and consequently, I often ignore good scenes from a sheer graphic viewpoint.

Therefore, I made this report in the style of photo essay unlike my other articles. I would be very grateful if you would enjoy these beautiful pictures and music.

For your information, the original photos were taken in the Raw image format but they were converted into a light format to be uploaded to YouTube. I used copyright-free music for BGM. As the calendar project was aborted, if you want to use the photos in this article, please contact me by e-mail.

(Story & Photo by Shinichi ASABE)

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