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? A reportage collection that Shinichi Asabe has covered Southeast Asia through "People's livings" as an independent photojournalist. The camera-marked articles can be seen their video reports, too.
?Copyright 2017 Shinichi Asabe.
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Last Update??2nd August 2017
Because of the Drought? Back Streets of Thailand
The AIDS Front Line From the "Aid Villages"
The Import of the Pollution Donation from the Slum
Longstay in Thailand Trip for Hearts and Minds
Brides from Thailnad Sex Change
How could Thailand check the spread of HIV infection? The plot of never-ending terrorism
Why hasn't democracy become established in Thailand?
Revitalization with Kamlangjai(=Hope)
Why hasn't democracy become established in Thailand? Temple Where Cancer Patients Gather
Under the Military Just After Election
Calm With Surpressed Hope For Democracy The Last Bullet
The Gap Between Demcratization and Economic Development Burma on the Brink
Return of a Freedom Fighter Freelance Worker Heading for Battlefield
Opening of Myanmar on the Border Democratization Found in Burmese Workers
The end of the Monsoon Dilemma of Emerging Burma
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Just Before the Peace

On the Battlefield

Urgent Report from the Front Line "We Will Attack"
A Walk Around Pol Pot's Offensive Just Before UNTAC Withdraws
Newly-Born Cambodia A Struggle With AIDS

The Endless Rivalry

The Truth of the City Battle
The Sprouted Democracy Behind the Silence
Dolphins in Mekong Women in Love with Cambodia
Airfield of Japanese Army A Stormy Free Economy
The Damage From Defoliant In Mystery The small country hit by a surge of depression
The Way toward the World Heritage Site Photo Essay 2012 Cambodia

The Hot Wind Across The Mekong

A Paradise where Dolphins inhabit

The Shadow of DOI MOI

From the Glass-root Development Site

Flower to the Battlefield A Rush for Stag Beetles
The giant serpent crossing the Mekong River Country like the Spratry Islands
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Taiwan as the Motherland
Taiwan in the Mind?

Kowloon Walled City Vanished Before the Handover The Election Beneath the Red Flag

Immigrant, Refugee, and British The Practice of a High school
Two Years before the Elderly Nursing Insurance
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