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The People of Southeast Asia

Thailand Temple Where Cancer Patients GatherSeptember 2013

Seeking for Traditional Remedy and Inner Peace

Dawn at Khampramong Temple, Moo Village in Sakon Nahkon Province

What motivated me to cover Khampramong Temple is that QOL for living with a disease or a disability has become even more important recently when snowballing medical and welfare expenses caused by advancing aging society have become a serious problem not only for an individual but also for a country. Thailand, following Singapore, has established a reputation as a country to offer advanced medical care at relatively low cost, attracting a lot of medical tourists from abroad. There are many luxurious hospitals designed for the well-to-do in the country. On the other hand, general public in Thailand are paying more attention to traditional remedy linked with their religious faith.

(Story & Photo by Shinichi ASABE)

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